Welcome, 2017!  Hope you all had an amazing Holiday Season!  We were quite busy ourselves with work and travel, but it’s nice to come back home and start the year with a new set of goals.

After getting home from our December travels, my husband and I sat down (with a yummy cocktail, of course) to discuss our 2017 projects for the house.  One of the best tips we received from my in-laws when we bought the house was to do one big project a year.  Last year we did three: we painted the house (well, we still have a few things here and there), we fenced the backyard and we fixed our driveway—all big ticket items.  Needless to say, it all had to get done and we are happy that we were able to get those out of the way.  This year, however, instead of doing one big project, we are doing several small ones.  Now, let’s get to those 2017 projects.  Shall we?

1. Give the kitchen a minor makeover
 — get new flush mount chandelier in black or dark chrome with a ceiling medallion, paint cabinets possibly white (not finalized yet) to keep it classic and make that backsplash pop, change hardware to black cup drawer pulls and knobs, change top cabinet doors to glass doors, contemplating adding a wine rack, and finally—add more copper accessories.

2. Bookshelf in the living room — we are big readers in this house and have too many books.  Adding a bookshelf was the first thing we decided on for this house.

3. Paint front and patio door/frame (indoor & outdoor) — we are still finalizing colors, but are either going for a dark blue/gray or black for indoor and black for outdoor.  Outdoor we will also paint the shutters, lamppost and mailbox in the same shade.

4. Paint guest bedrooms and guest bathroom — one of the guest bedrooms will be a light gray, the other we are still deciding on doing a mountain mural on one wall and keeping the rest a light color.  As for the bathroom, no color has been chosen yet.  We can’t do white because the space has no natural light.  Guess we’ll see!

5. Paint or wallpaper the powder room — this was actually my husband’s idea!  We want to do something dramatic and bold.  Nothing set in stone.

6. Start giving our front and backyard some attention  because we have aggregate concrete on the walkways and patio, we are doing gravel instead of mulch in the front yard garden.  In our backyard, we are doing raised beds for an organic veggie and herb garden, also adding some of that gravel to create an outdoor dining area (want a long wooden dining table!), and hopefully add a pergola and outdoor furniture (not a priority this year though).  Another project will be to add more trees in the backyard!

7. Give our master bedroom some love — this is really important to me.  Looking to get a canopy bed, a French chaise for a reading nook, a long and low dresser, a standalone statement mirror, and a chandelier with a beautiful ceiling medallion.

8. Shades and curtains — roman shades in the living areas and curtains in the bedrooms.

Future projects: rip the carpet out from upstairs and stairs, and replace with hardwood and runners; buy a chesterfield sofa, two lounge chairs, a bench, and chandelier for the living room; buy a Persian rug to layer on both the living room and master bedroom; change light fixtures around the house; paint the cabinets in our bathrooms and change the hardware; change mirrors in bathrooms; change the doors upstairs to French doors with frosted glass (let’s more light in and keeps privacy); replace Dutch door upstairs with a new one that’s taller at the bottom (in case we have a rugrat); build a tree house (again, if we have a rugrat); change all door hardware to black; get a credenza and two dining chairs for our dining room; redo our closets, starting with the master closet… and so much more.

It can get overwhelming when I think about all the projects, but I’m SOOO HAPPY that we’re not doing everything at the same time.  It makes us ecstatic that we are consciously and carefully choosing only pieces we love for our home, and not just jumping in on trends and buying everything at once.  We want to make sure that everything in our home has a purpose and that we are living in a home where everything is in use.  We call it “conscious living” and no we did not make that up.  Wish us luck!


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