Hello there!  Yes, it’s been a while.  It has also been a crazy year giving me no time to post, which is why I will start with an apology and then follow up by letting you know that our kitchen is almost done!  After living in our house for one year, I finally decided to tackle the kitchen makeover and I’m really happy with how it turned out.

If you remember one of my first posts was about our kitchen plans.  When I reread it I realized how much our minds can change once we live in a space, making me feel glad that I waited this long to tackle it.  Realistically, you don’t change things in the kitchen often (e.g. cabinets, hardware, fixtures), which is why it’s important to think good and hard about what you want before you take action.

our kitchen

This is what the kitchen looked like when we first saw the house.  There was a lot of potential for this space, and the first step was to paint the walls white and add rugs for a pop of color.


Even though the white on the walls looked good, it ended up highlighting the yellowing on the cabinets (notice it around the fridge?).  This bothered me and I knew I had to paint them, but I kept putting it off because our cabinet doors/drawers were covered in thermofoil and I was dreading having to remove it from each one (28 to be exact).


One day I decided to just rip off the thermofoil on one door and it came right off.  It was the easiest part of the whole process!  Who knew?  After that my OCD was officially triggered and there was no turning back.  I decided to tackle the project in one week to give myself some time—I removed doors and hardware, then filled in the holes and sanded, primed and finally painted.  It was time-consuming, but super easy.  I also cleaned the cabinets before I painted to ensure a smooth surface.  Once everything was dry and back on, I added the pulls and knobs and violà—I was finished.

I was previously leaning towards copper hardware, but decided to incorporate it with accessories instead—tying in the Persian rug and the breakfast nook.


The white on the cabinets is Chantilly Lace and it is slightly brighter than the Decorator’s White on the walls.


The hardware was an easy decision, inspired by my obsession with Beth Rubino and her kitchens (e.g. It’s Complicated, Something’s Gotta Give, The Intern, etc.).  I wanted the hardware to look traditional and timeless, which is why I went with matte black cup drawer pulls and knobs.  (TIP: When you opt for hardware that’s not trendy, it costs less.  Win!)  This also created a nice contrast in styles with the modern fixtures and vintage rugs.


As a final touch, I painted the kitchen island a pale blue/gray color called Billowing Clouds.  Obsessed!


The main light fixture was one of my favorite purchases we’ve made for the house (along with that Persian).  The pendant copper light above the sink ties in perfectly too, while adding yet another pop of copper to the kitchen.


There are still some changes we will make to this space—change the faucet, the sink to a farmhouse sink, add a fixture above the breakfast nook, paint the French doors and change shades, and change cabinet doors around window to glass.  All of these are coming in the future, some before others.

If you find yourself struggling with something similar, just take your time with it and make decisions that you know you will still love 5 years from now.  Be realistic about the functionality of the space—sometimes that’s revealed with time so be patient and enjoy living in it before you spend the money.





  1. The perfect balance of energy and relaxation. This is the kitchen you want to have Sunday morning coffee followed by brunch with mimosas.


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