When you have a golden retriever, nothing says, “yes, I sleep really well” like a king size bed.  This was a lesson that took us three years to learn.  But we learned it!  Now on to a little confession: our master bedroom has been given 0 love since we moved in.  It wasn’t until last month that we decided to give our “love nest” some attention, which is what prompted me to give a progress report.

As you can see on the above photos this is what the room looked like when we moved in.  When we first saw this room it screamed “French” with the crown molding and vaulted ceiling, and I immediately pictured a tufted bed and a vintage chaise/fainting couch.


Like the rest of the house, we painted the walls in Decorators White by Benjamin Moore in satin and the molding/trim in semi-gloss.  Step two was buying a big rug.  (Remember what I said before about the right size rug?  It’s a game-changer.)  We went with a natural jute 9′ x 12′ rug to keep the space neutral and be able to layer something over it later on.

TIP: Natural rugs create a neutral palette that will allow you to play with color, especially if you’re not sure on a palette yet.

bedroom bedroom

Once the space was grounded, it was time to bring in nightstands.  Most people would advise to get the bed first, but sometimes I like to break the order of things.  We found these nightstands at Target (no longer available) and they were exactly what we needed as far as functionality.  Not to mention they’re very modern compared to the rest of the furniture I have in mind for this room.

TIP: Don’t be afraid to mix styles as long as you keep a consistent color palette—it makes a room visually interesting.  The French are all about old vs. new.


Next purchase was the curtains.  We found these sheer ones from India at HomeGoods that are perfectly boho-chic.  Not to mention they look soft and romantic!  To add yet another touch, we decided on this black French-style curtain rod.  The color ties in with the nightstands and the rest of the house.  We put the rods directly under the crown molding and made sure the curtains grazed the floor to complement the 9 foot ceilings.


That same weekend I found this Moroccan-style mirror.  It was love at first sight and the silver/gold leaf frame is better than anything I could have imagined.  The bed came next!


I’ve been in love with velvet tufted beds for a long time and knew that’s exactly what I wanted for this room.  The one I fell in love with from Anthropologie was $2,000+ and out of our budget, so I decided to do what I do best—find one that looks exactly like it for less money.  Enter World Market!  Making my dreams come true since 2006!  I found a similar bed for $500 (it was on sale at the time) and bought it in “Charcoal” to add masculinity and contrast.  At the same time my husband found the #BestMattressEver through Brooklyn Bedding (on sale, too) that came with two free king size pillows.  WIN!


Then it was time to style the bed!  I chose linen for both the sheets and duvet cover because it’s durable and it looks beautiful when it’s washed and slightly wrinkled.  Perfect for our lifestyle!  The sheets are a pretty light blush pink and the duvet cover is a dusty baby blue for a gender-neutral look, and I topped it off with a macramé lumbar pillow.  The trunk is a vintage find and the throw is from West Elm from a few years ago.  And just like that, half the room is complete.


You might have noticed one thing: one of the walls is not pictured.  Yes, it is on purpose because it has a small TV over a table and that’s it.  We want to find a vintage chaise/fainting couch with a small side table and floor lamp to create a reading nook there, and maybe add some shelves next to it to keep books we’re currently reading accessible.  You might have also noticed that tiny dresser in between our windows—that bad boy will be repurposed in another room and replaced with a longer campaign dresser.  I love the vintage look and history of campaign furniture and if I’m not lucky enough to find it vintage, then I can buy something similar to the one below.  Same thing goes for the chaise/fainting couch!  I’m also picturing frames in different sizes with art/photography sitting on top of the dresser, resting on the wall.  Also, I have yet to find the rug/s I will layer on top of this jute area rug.  Finally, the last touch will be a pretty ceiling medallion and a fan.  Yes, you read that right: a ceiling fan.  It’s called compromise, people and I promise I will find something really pretty that will make you love them!

campaign dresserchaise
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The lesson learned here was simple—sometimes it’s better to live in a space before you furnish it because you have to determine the functionality of the space before overcrowding it.  Choose pieces that you love and are functional, but that also fit your budget.  Splurge on things that you know you won’t change often (e.g. a bed) and take your time finding good deals!  I promise, they are out there!  The process is the best part.


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