Hello there!  Don’t know if you’ve looked outside, but it is spring.  Funny enough we had no winter here in Nashville!  The weather went from feeling like late autumn to feeling like late spring, which is why we gave the front of our house some lovin’ with an inexpensive makeover before it got too hot out.

fall foyer

As we started talking about this year’s projects we knew one would be to paint the front door.  You guys, it was looking terrible!!!  (Look at the before pic above.)  Our shutters, post light and mailbox looked even worse.  It was clear that we needed to tackle this now.

Here’s a little before of the front of the house:

Crazy looking mailbox, shutters missing, huge dent on our driveway… the list went on.  Before we closed on the house we asked the seller to remove that horrid fountain and last year we spent a good chunk of money on fixing the driveway, but the front of the house was still looking meh, so I started with the front door.

diy paint

diy paint diy paint

First step was removing the door knocker and filling the holes, then I sanded, cleaned and finally painted the door.  The shutters were easier—I cleaned them, let them dry and then painted them.  Finally, I wanted to tie in the mailbox and post light to keep the color consistent, taking the same steps I did with the shutters.  It all took two coats of Dark Kettle Black by Valspar in semi-gloss.  The end result was dramatic!

Now on to the front garden…


The last thing on our list was to make the garden look good and pretty.  This was the landscaping that was already in place when we bought the house (I have only planted peonies and hydrangeas).  Eventually we’ll want more of a French garden look, but for now it will do.  Adding the edging stones and black mulch made it look 100 times better, and now I’m in love with it!


Hello!  I committed a blogging crime—avoid showing up on reflective surfaces!


All jokes aside, I really love how the front of our house looks!  I even tell my husband we might just have the best looking house in the neighborhood.  It really all boils down to getting the project started and running with it before it gets impossible to be outside.  This is a fairly inexpensive project—just paint and accessories, but the end result is high-impact.  Just remember that a little bit goes a long way and if you have any outdoor projects, spring and autumn are your friends.


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