Fall Autumn Wreath DIY
When I say that this is the easiest fall wreath you’ll ever make, I mean it.  I thought about calling this post, “Autumn Wreath in Less than 5 Minutes” because that’s all it took for me to do this.  I also thought about calling it, “Shortest Blog Post Ever” because it’s the quickest read you’ll encounter today.  Anyways…let’s get to this DIY!

At the risk of sounding “basic,” autumn is my favorite season.  I grew up in a tropical island that has basically two seasons: normal season and hurricane season.  I never got to see, feel and live seasons until my family moved to Oregon for a year.  After that year I was hooked!  What’s not to love?  It’s beautiful outside, it feels cool and crisp, the flavors, the smells, nature is brimming with the most beautiful and rich colors, the sunsets are to die for, pumpkin everything can be found at grocery stores and farmers’ markets… it truly is the beginning of what I call “Decorating Season.”

As a new homeowner, I wanted to do a wreath for our front door that wouldn’t break the bank and I knew exactly where I needed to goJo-Ann Fabrics & Craft!  I had no idea which colors I wanted until I stumbled upon this wreath and immediately loved it because it reminded me of our wedding color palette, but I thought it was pricey.  Once I got to the seasonal floral section, I saw that they sold these Blooming Autumn Pinecone Oliver Twig Leaves separately (not online).  Light bulb went off and I decided to buy a wreath and three of the Blooming Autumn Pinecone Oliver Twig Leaves, and go DIY.  Once home I added each cluster to the wreath and then arranged the leaves, berries, pine cones, etc. and voilà!  I spent around $14 and it turned out amazing!  I like it more than the one they sell because it looks less busy for my taste.  If you prefer the leaves to go all the way around, then it makes more sense to just by the complete wreath.  Either way, this is what I will use as inspiration for the rest of our fall and Halloween décor.  More to come on that!


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