Carla, here!  I’m the owner of i style, u style — a styling, intimate event planning and professional organization firm based in Nashville, TN.


My philosophy is simple—keep it authentic.  The only way authenticity can be achieved is by creating something together that is uniquely you.  After all, this isn’t about me.  A space or gathering should reflect the very wonderful people who inhabit it, imperfections included.  Perfection is boring and what’s styling without a little personality?  Bringing attention to those details is what makes a space interesting.

I believe in mindfulness and purpose.  What you choose to surround you should be functional or beautiful, and if you feel nostalgic about it, then even better.  By eliminating what no longer serves you, your space will have a whole new purpose, bringing you a sweet mix of cozy and happy.



Full-service styling, intimate event planning and professional organization.  I am based in Nashville, TN, but available wherever the wind blows.

Styling — homes, rentals, brands, shoots, events
Intimate Event Planning and Design — dinner parties, weddings, showers, birthdays, gatherings
Professional Organization — homes, offices, closets

I also use this space to track progress on projects I’m working on and throw in some content for good measure.



i style, u style

Born and mostly raised in beautiful Puerto Rico, I moved to Florida after completing my B.B.A., majoring in Marketing.  While living on the island I worked with my mother assisting her with her styling and event planning business.  Back then I thought that what I was doing was making things look pretty.  Little did I know that I was actually purposely styling.

Styling, design and planning have always played a big role in my life, so much so that when I was a teenager I would rearrange my entire bedroom every other weekend until I found the perfect spot for my things.  (I can’t believe I just admitted this to the entire world.)  33 years, 10 apartments, 11 houses, and 9 cities later and I am still trying to find the perfect spot for everything.  Truth is, when you love styling, everything is temporary.





I am now a newlywed living in Nashville, TN with my musician husband, Mark and our fluffy dog, Dallas Winston.  We also just bought our very first house, which is a dream come true for me.  After being a nomad my entire life, I am excited to plant roots in one place.

Now don’t get me wrong, being a nomad is a big part of who I am at my core, which is why I have replaced moving with traveling so I can have my cheesecake AND eat it too.  Planes, trains, automobiles, my husband, and my dog are all I need to get wonderfully lost.  Traveling, near and far, is where I find myself feeling most inspired.  Getting to see how others live, what they find beautiful, what they make with their own hands, and find out what’s important to them is what I love.




In my free time I love the outdoors, practicing yoga and meditation, reading too much, indulging in some Netflix binge-watching, hosting gatherings at our house, and cooking with my husband while sipping on some cocktails or wine.  Guess you could call me a homebody.  Truth is, I love our home and the energy it has, and I look for any excuse to share it with others.


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