i style, u style wedding invitations

i style, u style  is a lifestyle website focused on giving people (maybeee YOU) an outlet to showcase their mad styling skills and inspire readers in the process, whether you are a professional stylist, decorator, designer, planner, or if you consider it to be a passionate hobby.

The main focus of i style, u style is…you guessed it…styling, such as: homes, entertaining, food, brands, lifestyle, shoots, events, fashion, gatherings, etc.  Along with your content, we will also be showcasing our own styling adventures.  Let’s draw inspiration from each other.  Ok?  Win!

Our philosophy is that style should be personal, alternative and authentic, and our goal is to provide content that:

Will inspire readers to dream big, while staying financially accessible and achievable
Is alternative to the norm—different is always better and YOU, my dear, are unique
Allows personality to shine through—it really is all in the details
Feels authentic in every way—we want you to identify with it because it is real

We hope readers will see your style, identify with you, be inspired by you, and hopefully find ideas and solutions they can apply to their lifestyle.  Ready?  Set.  Submit!

*Photo & styling by Zipporah Kapambwe.  Flower wreath by Carla P.  Wedding invitations by Simply Jessica Marie.
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