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Carla here (and that’s my fluffy boy, Dallas Winston) and I’m the owner of i style, u style—a full-service styling, planning and professional organization firm and blog based in Nashville, TN.

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Styling, design and planning have always played a big role in my life, so much so that when I was a teenager I would rearrange my entire bedroom every other weekend until I found the perfect spot for my things.  (I can’t believe I just admitted this to the entire world.)  33 years, 10 apartments, 11 houses, and 9 cities later and I am still trying to find the perfect spot for everything.  Truth is, when you love styling, everything is temporary.


I started doing intimate event planning, styling and decorating when I was 15 years old, assisting my mother with her business.  Back then I didn’t realize that I was styling—I just did it because I love making things look pretty.  As time went on, I also became my friends’ go-to person for organizing and finding solutions for their spaces, planning intimate events for them and styling their homes.  Even though I always decorated my spaces and gatherings, I never really thought, Gee Carla, maybe you should do this professionally…

our engagement

I am a newlywed living in Nashville, TN with my musician husband, Mark and our fluffy dog, Dallas Winston (I am clearly obsessed with him).  We also just bought our very first home, which is a dream come true for me.  After being a nomad my entire life, I am excited to plant roots in one place.

Now don’t get me wrong, being a nomad is a big part of who I am at my core, which is why I have replaced moving with traveling so I can have my cheesecake AND eat it too.  Planes, trains, automobiles, my husband, and my dog are all I need to get wonderfully lost.  Traveling—near or far—is where I find myself feeling most inspired.  Getting to see how others live, what they find beautiful, what they make with their own hands, and find out what’s important to them is what I love.

Another big source of inspiration for me is the other people I stumble upon, mostly online.  I look up to complete strangers and admire them for their authentic and unique style.  You’d think I am referring only to professional stylists, decorators, designers, and planners, but no—I’m talking about others out there who make the best of everything with what they have accessible.  That is authenticity.  Of course I admire the pros, but people who don’t necessarily do this for a living are ALSO inspiring.  This is why I wanted to give them an outlet


Full-service styling, planning and professional organization.  I am based in Nashville, TN, but available wherever the wind blows.

Styling—homes, rentals, brands, shoots, events…
Planning & Design—intimate events: dinner parties, weddings, showers, birthdays, gatherings…
Professional Organization—personal spaces: homes, offices, closets…

My approach towards styling, planning and organizing is simple—keep it authentic.  The only way authenticity can be achieved is by creating something together that is uniquely YOU.  Is it great to look at Architectural Digest and hope someday your house will look that amazing?  Can your wedding be as majestic as this?  Can you finally get around to organizing your closet and simplifying your life?  Yes, but with a little help and lots of creativity.  That’s where I come in.

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